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Tagua Nut Sticks - Plum
Tagua Nut Sticks - Plum

Tagua Nut Sticks - Plum

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Tagua Nut Sticks
12 grams per bag
 Sizes range from 20mm - 40mm in length and are about 5mm wide. Thickness varies. 1mm hole
**The number of pieces varies per bag as it goes by weight and the thicknesses and lengths of the pieces vary - the photo shows 12 grams**

All sticks vary in size and shape - because they come from all different nuts, no two will be exactly the same.

Tagua - also known as vegetable ivory - is grown in South America. Once harvested the seeds are allowed to dry for 3 months during which time they become very hard. They are then sliced and dyed with colorfast dyes. They are very lightweight and strong making them perfect for jewelry making.

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